Aramco Tag Monitoring System (TMS) 2017

Dhahran, KSA

The overall architecture goals of the system was to provide a highly scalable data checking and reporting tool to filter out bad data(noisy, stale, out of range, …) and provide reporting tools on top of that. Before the project Data was being forwarded to an ORACLE database and an analysis was conducted by running the tag values through steps designed to catch bad values such as Stale Data, Out of Range Data, and Noisy Data. Another system was responsible for providing dashboards overlaying the source, locations and details of these bad values. TMS replaced the Oracle database by using PI Event frames to store the data needed to track the errors and their locations, also SQL Server Analysis Services were used to provide super fast data retreival. During the course of the project, the below services were developed:

  • Data Flow Sync: To Sync Assets from Aramco's Oracle Database to the PI AF Database
  • Well Hourly Averages: To Calcualte Hourly averages for all the sensors installed on the Wells and push them to Oracle
  • Data Cleansing Tool: Responsible for capturing every archived event on the PI Server and validating it agains the logic proposed by Aramco. The values that do not pass the given logic will be flagged as questionable and annotated with the reason
  • Quality Check: To create event frames based on validating PI Server data

In addition to the services, the below dashboards we created:

  • Field Node Monitoring Bubble Chart: showing the magnitude of issues distributed among the fields and plants
  • PI Servers Node Status Chart: showing the PI Servers statuses, with the ability to drill down from the PI Server level all the way to the tag level
  • Data Reliability KPI: showing the overall data reliability KPI with error location and details chart
  • Tags Reliability Heat map view: showing the reliability of the data over time, which can be used by the users to select the best period to conduct their field/reservoir/ well studies
  • Detailed Field Equipment KPI View: showing the Field equipment status including installation, commissioning, connectivity, operational, configuration and reliability statuses

Aramco Expec HA 2016

Dhahran, KSA

This project consisted of implementing a real-time data collection and historizing system for Ararmco’s producing Upstream Assets. The information gathered by the Real Time data collection system enables Upstream Users to monitor production, targets, as well as performance of key assets in delivering the required oil and gas. EMI implemented the below items for the EXPEC Computer Center (ECC) PI System and Corporate Data Center (CDC) PI System:

  • Installation and configuration of PI Server in a High Availability (HA) Setup
  • Installation and configuration of PI AF Server with SQL server using AlwaysOn Configuration
  • Migration of tags data from Dhahran PI server and I-Field RLTM Oracle Database to ECC PI Server
  • Installation and configuration of PI WebParts 2013 on SharePoint 2013
  • Installation and configuration of PI Coresight with Database configured using AlwaysOn

SASREF AspenTech IP.21 System 2016

Riyadh, KSA

SASREF was looking for migrating their current Operation Data System based on Exaquantum Yokogawa to a new Historian System. EMI installed, integrated and operationalized an InfoPlus.21 Data Historian solution that provides a real time data infrastructure to connect all applications, automation and business systems for complete interoperability which replaced the old ODS Historian. This solution helped the Customer incorporating an additional data infrastructure layer to efficiently collect and store information from its mission critical systems, facilitate in extracting and performing accurate analyses and facilitate in making key decisions in a timely manner. The Services included :

  • Create 150 Process Graphic
  • Create 200 Process Trends
  • Create 200 Excel Reports
  • Create 25 Manual Entry Reports
  • Create 3200 Calculation Tags
  • Create 25 Dashboards Pages
  • Migrate IOW Application
  • Creation of Asset Structure in MMDM
  • Install IP.21 on DMZ
  • Create and configure tags on the DMZ IP.21 Server
  • Install and Configure 4 pair of CIM-IO nodes
  • Migrate 10 years of data
  • Install IP.21 on Business LAN
  • Install and configure CIM-IO for IP.21
  • Create and configure tags on the Business IP.21 Server
  • Install and configure CIM-IO for RDBMS
  • Configure Integration with SAP
  • Configure LIMS tags
  • Install SQL Server
  • Install AspenOne Process Explorer
  • Trainings
  • Testing FAT & SAT
  • Warranty and Extended Support contract (3 years)

SEC Transmissions Operation Data 2016

Al Jubail, KSA

Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), the pioneer in Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution in KSA is planning on Building a state of the art Transmission Operations Data System (TODS) with three main inspirations in mind:

  • Bringing together data originating from all around the kingdom to a central data repository to form a “data lake”.
  • Applying the latest techniques of Big Data analysis and manipulation to transform the raw data into meaningful information that can support: Planning, Live operation monitoring, and Advanced analysis
  • Providing the meaningful information to all applicable SEC departments in order to Decrease reaction time to any emergency, Increase operational efficiency, Simplify cross departmental and disciplinary collaboration and Enhance the decision making process

EMI was subcontracted by Crucial Solution and Service (CSS) to work on the PI System scope. This included :

  • Install and Configuration of SQL Servers with AlwaysOn
  • Install and Configure PI AF Collective
  • Install and Configure PI Server HA
  • Create and Configure the Tags
  • Install and configure 7 redundant pairs of PItoPI
  • Installing and configuring PI RDBMS/UFL
  • Integration with MDM using UFL
  • Integration with Tesla
  • Integration with SAP
  • Install SharePoint Server Farm
  • Install and configure PI WebParts and Coresight
  • Create PI AF Hierarchy
  • Install and configure Data Access (OLEDB , ODBC , Web API , etc..)
  • Deploy a Testing and Development environment
  • Migration of 10 years of Data

ARAMCO EXPEC PI Systems 2015

Dammam, KSA

EMI has successfully implemented a new PI system for EXPEC which included the following:

  • Install two PI Systems and applications in EXPEC Computer Center (ECC) and Corporate Data Center (CDC).
  • Install SQL server database in ECC and CDC and include them in MS SQL Group Balancer or cluster.
  • Install and configure Asset Framework (AF) in ECC/CDC PI servers.
  • Configure data flow from area PI servers in the enterprise IT network to ECC/CDC PI servers.
  • Migrate tags from Dhahran PI server to both ECC and CDC PI servers.
  • Migrate I-Field historical data from RLTM (Oracle database) and Dhahran PI server to ECC/CDC PI servers.
  • Install and configure PI-to-PI interfaces with APS.
  • Install and configure PI WebParts and PI Coresight.
  • Synchronize Asset Framework elements from EPPR Oracle database.
  • Synchronize Active Directory groups with EPPR I-Field security entries.
  • Implement data encryption while being transmitted using IPsec.
  • Expose PI data to Oracle as relational tables using the OLEDB.

Daleel Petroleum PI System 2015


Daleel Petroleum is one of the leading oil producers in Oman. Daleel Petroleum extracts hydrocarbons from Block 5 located in Al Dhahira Region. The PI System project included historizing and visualizing data from the different plants at Daleel: DPS, B-Block, Gas Plant, Power Plant and the Wells information. The system included OPC Interfaces, Matrikon Tunneller, FoxAPI Interface, a complete PI AF Implementation for all the wells at Daleel.

A Well Information Management system was created using SharePoint, PI Webparts, SQL Server Reporting Services, PI AF , PI OLEDB Enterprise and other tools.

Daleel has signed a 3 Years support contract with EMI in order to maintain and enhance their PI system, Dashboards and other supporting applications. In summary the following were done :

  • Install and configure PI data archive server.
  • Install and configure 4 PI OPC DA Interfaces.
  • Install and configure PI WebParts.
  • Integrate PI with Avocet Database.
  • Configure PI Tag Database.
  • Creation of 30 Dashboard screens showing production, well data, Exceptions , Well Test data ,Deferment data , Plant Screens.
  • Creation of complete AF Asset Structure.
  • Migrate Iconics wells history data for 5 years.
  • Support contract.
  • Trainings.

BAPCO PI System Replication Solution 2015


Another successful project with BAPCO in Bahrain was executed. The project includes:

  • Migrating the existing PI System running in Microsoft Clustering configuration to VEEAM Replication Environment provided by BAPCO.
  • Upgrading PI System to 2015 and the 40 interfaces.
  • Upgrading PI AF to the version 2015.
  • Creating a PI AF structure.
  • Migrating a PI API Application to PI-SDK.
  • Migrating a PI API Application to PI ACE.
  • Delivering training on the system.

S-Chem Graphics Conversion Project

Jubail, KSA

Client required converting several of their DCS graphics to PI ProcessBook graphics. The total number of graphics for conversion is 600 graphics. These graphics include:


ARAMCO SAGPD Overview Displays


The Project consists of creating Process Book graphics:

  • Configuration one Overview display.
  • Configuration of 7 Manifolds Overview displays.
  • Configuration of 80 Remote Headers displays.
  • Configuration of 800 Wells displays.
  • Configuration of 25 Communication rings Overview displays.

SADAF –Graphics Conversion Project


  • The Project consisted of converting 1,500 Graphics from Honeywell Graphic to PI ProcessBook Graphics along with Tag mapping for the assets. The Graphics which were created are a re-drawn replica of the existing graphics.
  • The project includes implementation of a new SharePoint 2013 and migration of SharePoint pages and data.
  • The new installation will also include implementation of PI WebParts and ECG’s Glance System.

ADCO Bu Hasa

Abu Dhabi, UAE

This project entitled Bringing Real Time field’s process data from the Distributed Control Systems (DCS) at Bu Hasa to the existing Business Application Software Systems.

The following PI services were implemented:

  • Installation and Configuration of Redundant PI OPC interfaces to connect to Invensys Control Systems through AIM Star OPC Servers
  • Interfacing with Oracle system for Manually entered Data
  • Interfacing with Maximo to feed the system with Rotating Equipment data
  • Configuration of 930 Graphics
  • Configuration of 30 reports
  • Configuration of 20 PI Dashboards

SEC Central Settlement System

Riyadh, KSA

A Central Settlement System for Automated Verification of IPP Invoices has been developed for SEC.

The Central Settlement System main purpose is:

  • Verification of the invoice data from all the Independent Power Providers (Independent Electricity Companies selling Power to the National Company)
  • Verification of the Plant Settlement software including the FDM
  • Settlement meter data verification from the various IPPs.
  • Generation of Management Reports

PI System Enhancements for SEC Distribution

Dammam, KSA

The project involves the following services

  • Migration of PI Server to New Hardware.
  • Upgrade to PI 2012.
  • Installation and configuration of PI AF 2012.
  • Migration of SISCO PI OPC Servers to New Hardware.
  • Migrating of PI OPC Interfaces to new hardware.
  • Configuration of PI High Availability PI HA
  • Configuration of 80 PI Dashboards

GASCO (Abu Dhabi Gas Industries)

Abu Dhabi, UAE

A Process Information System (PIMS) has been implemented for GASCO for their Bu Hasa NGL plant, located about 190 km West of Abu Dhabi city. The main goal of the PIMS was to gather Plant Operating data, historize the gather data, and enable users to access, retrieve, analyze and present data from their desktop computers whether in HQ or in Bu Hasa site.

Saudi Kayan – SABIC Affiliate


A PI System installation project has been implemented for Saudi Kayan – SABIC in Jubail Industrial City, KSA. The system is based on OSIsoft PI software and its main purpose is to collect operation data from 10 plants and unify it in one real-time historian system. Advanced analysis and extensive visualization and reporting are achieved to enable users to view the operation status of the organization and drill down to sub levels, and to take proper business decisions. The system integrates with different enterprise systems which include LAB, ERP, and Product Handling System to combine operation data with other types of data

ADDC (Abu Dhabi Distribution Company)

Abu Dhabi, UAE

A Historical Data System (HDS) based on OSIsoft PI System has been implemented for Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) for its DMS building. The main goal of the HDS is to acquire, archive, and visualize data from ADDC’s Distributed Management System (DMS) which is based on the Siemens Sinaut Spectrum and enable users to access, retrieve, analyze and present data from their desktop computers. The heart of the HDS is the PI High Availability (HA) time series storage, coupled to the data sources via OPC Client Interfaces and RDBMS Interfaces configured in redundancy to send Data to a High Availability (HA) server

Orpic History Migration Project

Sohar, Oman

This project consists of transferring process data from Historical Databases namely Exaquantum and PHD. More than 10 years of data will be transferred from these systems to the PI System. The solution included configuring OPC HDA servers for the Exa and PHD systems as well as configuration of PI-OPC HDA interfaces to push the historical data to the historical archives of the PI System.