With its full HTML5 design, EMI GIS Real-Time Connector will allow you to visualize all your PI Data in HTML5 Charts and ESRI maps. By using the latest versions of PI Web API and AF SDK, the system is capable of delivering real-time data from the PI System to HTML 5 Charts and spatially aware ESRI maps

Main Features


The system presents these main components:

Geography means everything to corporations with distributed sites. You always need to know where production is coming from, where it’s going, and what’s happening everywhere in between. In order to easily comply with regulations, cut costs, and keep your customers loyal, a data system that brings distant geography to the tips of your fingers is supplied by EMI. With EMI’s GIS Real-Time Integrator, you can combine space and time to bring real-time data to GIS maps. EMI Real-Time GIS Integrator offers you the below features and more: