EMI OnlineAnalyzer

EMI Online Analyzer Performance Index Tool System, developed by EMI’s Advanced Services Department, is a smart system initially designed to connect to OSIsoft PI server where Analyzers’ parameters reside (as PI Tags); but could be expanded to connect to other types of real-time systems as needed. This system provides a centralized tool that allows manufacturing companies to monitor and study the Analyzers located in all the company’s plants from a centralized screen and to generate reports that show result for long periods.

The system consists of the following main components:

Reporting Tool

In the Reporting Tool, the operator selects:

Data Manipulation Engine

The data manipulation engine is the software component that keeps watching all the analyzers’ parameters on the PI server; these parameters are represented as PI tags. In addition, it contains all the logic needed to generate reports and charts to the operators in order to enable them to perform advanced analysis. In summary, this component is responsible for all kind of data capturing, data storage, data manipulation, advanced calculation, business rules, and serving data queries. The Analyzers database basically consists of a number of Plants elements which represent the physical plants. Each plant has a group of Analyzers of different categories (Critical, Gas Detector…). The Analyzer is the main element in the system; it is controlled by a number of parameters and it is associated with a logical expression that determines the status of the Analyzer based on the values of the Analyzer’s parameters. The entire process of the engine is automated and does not need user interaction.

Manual Entry Tool

The purpose of the Manual Entry tool is to allow some operators to manually change the analyzers’ failures by modifying existing failures records and/or adding new failures. It also enables operators to submit failure reports and assign holdup categories to failures. This tool is also a web-enabled tool accessible from anywhere on the Network. The operator has only to have the required access level to use the tool.

This enables operators to: