APC Consultant and/or Process Engineer- Advanced Process Controls (APC)

The scope of this project is to apply required changes to the available Aspen DMCplus controllers to support RTO in a gas plant. The RTO is provided by Honeywell (Profit Optimizer).

The changes to be done can be classified into two main categories:

  • Addition of new CVs: new CVs re mostly duplicate CVs with external target enabled needs to be created to accept RTO targets
  • Enabling External target in existing CVs: External target need to be enabled in existing CV to receive the RTO target.


  • Collect MDL files corresponding to the DMCplus controllers from the client as well as the new Vector lists
  • Modify the MDL files to add the new CVs specified by the client.
  • Configure the settings of multiple CVS, specified by the client, and set the External targets conditions to support the RTO
  • Unload the old DMCplus Controllers
  • Upload the new modified Controllers and deploy them online
  • Ensure a smooth-running linkage between the APC controllers and the RTO
  • Prepare and sum up the FAT in the last week.


  • Master’s in chemical engineering or an equivalent
  • Minimum of 3-5 years of experience in Advanced Process Controls – Aspentech DMC Plus/3
  • Hands on experience using DMCplus for at least 3 different projects and achieved, especially with external targets configurations to support Honeywell Profit Optimizer
  • Experience with OSIsoftPI especially connecting DCS through OPC (adding tags corresponding to the new CVs)