EMI CIS – Complete Industrial Solution

EMI is a unique provider of the EMI Complete Industrial Solution (CIS) that allows for consolidating data from various sources for the sake of creation of custom and meaningful dashboards. All EMI services above are brought together to provide CIS for any process industry.

Features of EMI CIS:

  • Modularized solution:
    • Customer can select relevant or desired modules or whole solution.
  • Robust data structure, minimizes technology related data errors.
    • EMI has built upon years of experience in order to minimize any technology related faults.
  • Data source flexibility due to:
    • EMI’s experience with integration of various systems and sources.
    • CIS framework that supports any programmatically accessible data source.
  • Rich graphics and meaningful charts.
  • State of the art technology (HTML5) fits all devices.
  • Meaningful reports with preconfigured templates directed at respective professions.
  • Close support with EMI’s regional presence.
EMI Softech