About Us

Engineering and Marketing International (EMI) is a provider of high-end technology solutions to its clients in USA, the Middle East and North African region (MENA). We introduce the latest technology to our regions and help ensure our clients are at the cutting edge of technology allowing greater value and returns on their investments. Our primary goal is to build and maintain a long term relationship with our clients by continually building value solutions from our offerings and services.


Years of Experience 






Domains of Knowledge

Over the years, we have developed relationships with international technology companies to provide direct sales and marketing services on their behalf in the MENA. EMI has successfully represented OSIsoft, RSI Simcon, Trident and a number of other technology companies. We also represent ECG Predict-IT, providing truly the latest technology in asset integrity and reliability monitoring along with predictive analytics of equipment failures.

EMI has been responsible for the sale and implementation of the vast majority of the OSIsoft,PI systems in our region. It is with this background that we turn to our existing PI clients and provide them with solutions such as advanced pattern recognition “Predict-It”, which allows them to leverage greater value from their existing historians.EMI also represents Omnisens, providing _ber optic and laser technology for leak, temperature and intrusion detection. EMI engineers have developed software applications such as Sequence of Events (SOE), Central Settlement System (CSS) application, and many custom solutions to meet client requirements.

EMI Goals and Objectives

Our company mission supports and guides our objective to achieve high profession and recognition in the practice of Engineering Automation, Advanced Process Control, Enabling value added Technologies and the leader in Engineering

Services by operating in the following principles:

  • Our clients are our most important focus and we are committed to serving their needs.
  • Our projects will be performed using the highest standards in the practice of engineering and Services with emphasis on quality, integrity, costs, responsiveness and timeliness.
  • We are committed to remain on the leading edge of standards of practice, education, technology and automation to provide our clients the most cost effective and professional services possible

EMI Team

The company’s staff is comprised of qualified and trained engineers and professionals with a broad range of education and experiences in different domains ranging from oil and gas to power and F&B. We pride ourselves in finding competent employees and invest in them for continuous development and creativity within our organization.

Our Core Values

  • Team Work
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Safety
  • Honesty