Fortifying BAPCO Cybersecurity 

The first steps into a larger world!

Despite being very early into the year, Bapco has already seen significant developments in 2019. Among these, has been the progression of a Cybersecurity Roadmap. Headed by the Automation sections in the Engineering division, a comprehensive process is currently underway to revolutionize Bapco’s digital capability. The team in place has made significant strides, within the roadmap, by implementation Data Diode technology. Digital advancements have revolutionized a vast array of industries. They have offered better as well as more efficient avenues of operating and brought about increased productivity. This, however, has come at a cost as demonstrated by the rise of cybercrime. For this reason, the Engineering division is employing new cyber security initiatives to fortify Bapco’s assets. Information and production. The Automation section has collaborated with Engineering and Marketing International (EMI), a technology solution provider, to develop the Data Diode protection technology. Data Diode is valuable, hardware based, security product, which provides significant benefits. Data Diodes allows for the segmentation of Bapco’s networks by regulating the direction in which data can be transferred. The segmentation of networks does serve the purpose of securing the process control network but prohibits all access of process information to necessary individuals through the PI System, which documents and achieves process data. This has necessitated the creation of a PI Ancillary System. The ancillary system mirrors information from the production PI System to allow data availability across the enterprise but leaves no vulnerability for infringement. This maintains the function of the PI System whilst not compromising security. Data Diode will establish secure, one-way, data transference from process network; eliminating any external points of entry and offering security against cyber-attack. Data Diode if the first step in fortifying Bapco’s cybersecurity and provides security for fulfilling new initiatives such as the PI System. The ambitious efforts of the Engineering Division are far from complete but the can help ensure Bapco’s safe and prosperous future. ~ The Islander 

Engineering and Marketing International (EMI) was thrilled to be part of the data diode project at BAPCO. It was a great experience working closely with BAPCO’s team to complete this cyber security transformation initiative successfully” ~ Technical Manager Mohammad Shamseddine.

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