Matrikon Services

EMI is a Partner of Matrikon OPC and the Exclusive Diamond Distributor of its products in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Lebanon, with engineering services across the Middle East and North Africa region. Matrikon OPC is the world’s largest developer of OPC servers, OPC Clients, and OPC Drivers, built on a solid foundation of quality for over 20 years. Our Services include installation and configuration of Matrikon OPC products along with top-quality training.

Our in-house engineers are capable of:

OPC Site assessment:

  • Investigate architecture inefficiencies
  • Investigate data architecture optimizations
  • Identify software and hardware requirements
  • Evaluation of network topology

24/7 troubleshoot and configuration assistance using remote connection, phone, and email

Provide online access to user manuals

Update software

License transfer and rest

On site services including IFAT, FAT, SAT

Prepare documentation reviews

Renew Technical and Maintenance Support Contract for all Matrikon OPC Licenses

EMI Softech