The series III WebRelay-Dual™ (X-301) is an exciting addition to our most advanced series of products. It is a robust, full-featured, web-enabled, mini Ethernet I/O module with two, 3A relays that can be independently controlled, as well as two, optically-isolated digital inputs. It has non-volatile memory for logging, a real-time clock with support for NTP (time server) synchronization and an advanced full-calendar scheduler which can be used to turn on/off relays at preset times. Its web-based user interface means it can be used right out of the box with no programming required.

The series III WebRelay-Dual has many advanced features including a simple firewall, the ability to initiate a connection to remote servers, BASIC programming, SNMP, email alerts, peer-to-peer communications, internal monitoring, etc.

The series III WebRelay-Dual is ideal for many applications including security, remote control, street sign controllers, shift bell controllers, and much more.


The X-301™ is versatile and has many applications, such as:

Road signs/lights

Use WebRelay-Dual to remotely turn on road signs during hazardous conditions or automatically turn on signs for scheduled events.

Shift change bells

Use WebRelay-Dual to automatically turn on bells/horns for shift changes. If multiple bells are needed, WebRelay-Dual can be “daisy-chained” with other ControlByWeb relays for simultaneous alerts.

Ethernet I/O

WebRelay-Dual is a simple but powerful Ethernet I/O (or web I/O) device. The two relays and two inputs can be used for thousands of applications from event counters, to machine monitoring/control, to extending I/O from a PLC to another building and much more.

Gate Control

Use WebRelay-Dual to remotely control guard gates.

Vacant Living/Working Spaces

Make sure electronic devices are off when nobody is around. Save energy!


Use WebRelay-Dual to lock/unlock doors or at preset times. An electric lock controlled by WebRelay-Dual can be used in conjunction with a mechanical lock to allow access at certain times. Persons with keys can access a building during the day while electric lock is off but access is denied at night when WebRelay-Dual turns on the electric lock. In addition, WebRelay-Dual can send email alerts when the door is opened (anytime or just when the door is locked).

X-301 Part Numbers 

X-301-I Relays: 2 (3A 28VAC, 24VDC) Digital: 2 (4-12VDC) 9-28VDC
X-301-24I Relays: 2 (3A 28VAC, 24VDC) Digital: 2 (11-26VDC) 9-28VDC
X-301-E Relays: 2 (3A 28VAC, 24VDC) Digital: 2 (4-12VDC) POE Class 1 (0.44 to 3.84 Watt) or 5V±5%

Power Requirements

  • Voltage:
    • X-301-I: 9-28VDC
    • X-301-24I: 9-28VDC
    • X-301-E: POE Class 1 (0.44 to 3.84 Watt) or 5V±5%
  • Max Current: 310mA Max

Relay Contacts

  • Number of Relays: 2
  • Max Voltage: 28VAC, 24VDC
  • Max Current: 3A
  • Contact Type: SPDT (Form 1C)
  • Load Type: General Purpose
  • Contact Resistance: < 50 milliohms initial
  • Contact Material: AgSnO2
  • Electrical Life: 100K cycles (Typical)
  • Mechanical Life: 10M cycles (Typical)
  • Environmental Rating: Over voltage Category II, Pollution Degree 2
  • Relay Modes: ON/OFF or Pulsed
  • Pulse Timer Duration: 0.1 to 86,400 Seconds (1-day)

Digital Inputs

  • Number of Inputs: 2
  • Type: Optically-Isolated
  • Voltage Range:
    • X-301-I: 4-12VDC
    • X-301-24I: 11-26VDC
    • X-301-E: 4-12VDC
  • Current:
    • X-301-I: 4mA @ 4V, 16mA @ 12V
    • X-301-24I: 3.2mA @ 11V, 8.2mA @ 26V
    • X-301-E: 4mA @ 4V, 16mA @ 12V
  • Minimum Hold Time: 20ms
  • Input Isolation: 1500V
  • Input Functions: Monitor State, Control Relays, Control Remote Relays, Count, High Timer
  • Maximum Count: 32-bit
  • Max Count Rate: 25Hz
  • Edge Trigger: Rising, Falling or Both

Real-Time Clock:

  • Manual or NTP(Network Time Protocol) setup
  • NTP Sync Period: Once, Daily, Weekly, On Powerup
  • Auto Daylight Savings Adjustment
  • Battery (capacitor) Power Backup

Capacitor Power Backup

  • Backup Functions: Retain Real-Time Clock, External Variables, Relay State, and Counters
  • Backup Duration: 3 days minimum


  • Type: 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Port
  • Setup: Static IP address assignment. TCP port selectable


  • Power/Relays/Inputs: 14-Position, 3.81mm terminal spacing, Removable. For 16-28 AWG wire. Removable
  • Network: 8-pin RJ-45

LED Indicators

  • Number of LEDs: 7
    • Power on
    • Relay coil energized 1-2
    • Digital inputs 1-2
    • Network linked
    • Network activity


  • Operating Temperature: -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 65.5°C)
  • Size:
    • 1.41in (35.7mm) wide
    • 3.88in (98.5mm) tall
    • 3.1in (78mm) deep (not including connector)
  • Weight: 5 oz (142 grams)
  • Enclosure Material: Lexan 940 Polycarbonate Plastic
  • Enclosure Flame Rating: UL94 V0


  • HTTP, XML, Modbus TCP/IP, SNMP, SMTP, Remote Services


    • Log File Size: 512K (max 28,829 logs)
    • Storage: Nonvolatile Flash
    • Buffer Architecture: Circular Buffer

Log data can be periodically read and stored on a computer

Advanced Features

  • BASIC interpreter
  • Remote services – Avoid most firewall issues with outbound connection to Web Services

Password Settings

  • Password protection on setup page: Yes
  • Password protection on control page: Optional
  • Password Encoding: Base 64
  • Password Length: 13 Characters

Electromagnetic Compliance

  • IEC CISPR 22, CISPR 24
  • EU EN55024, EN55022
  • X-301-I, X-301-24I: FCC 47CFR15 (Class B)
  • X-301-E: FCC 47CFR15 (Class A)

Product Safety Compliance

  • UL 61010-1 (Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Use)
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