ControlByWeb Application

Reboot a server automatically or manually with WebSwitch and a standard web browser!


WebSwitch™ is designed for server room applications. Connect one or two servers (or communication devices such as modems, routers, etc.) to WebSwitch’s rear outlets and use WebSwitch to reboot those devices when necessary. Using a web browser you can reboot your devices from anywhere in the world. You can also configure WebSwitch to automatically reboot one or both of the devices when network communications fail or when the devices fail to respond to ping requests. WebSwitch Plus has additional features such as temperature monitoring and dry contact inputs for server room monitoring.

WebSwitch is highly configurable. You can specify the time between ping requests, the time between unsuccessful ping requests, how many times a ping request is sent before rebooting the device, and the time before the first ping is sent after startup.

WebSwitch and WebSwitch Plus can be set up and monitored using a standard web browser on your computer or smartphone, and they do not require any cloud services or reoccurring fees.


  • 2 AC Outlets
  • Remote Reboot
  • Automatic Reboot
  • Temp/Humidity Monitoring
  • Email Notifications
  • Logging
  • and more…

Automatic and remote server reboot

WebSwitch Plus monitoring a server for downtime and displaying its status and controls on a web browser.

*The above illustration is for demonstration purposes only, it does not represent actual wiring.

Server Auto & Remote Reboot

In this example, a server is plugged into one of the WebSwitch Plus’ AC outlets. The WebSwitch Plus is configured, by the user, to ping the server every 120 seconds to ensure it is running properly.

Automatic Reboot

If the ping request fails, WebSwitch is configured to then send out another ping request after 10 seconds and if that request also fails, it will automatically reboot the server and internally log the event. It can also send out an email and text alert to an IT tech and administrator.

Monitor Server Temperature

WebSwitch Plus also monitors the server’s temperature. If the temperature exceeds a user-specified threshold, it logs the event and sends an email/text alert to the appropriate personnel.

No Cloud Services or Monthly Fees

ControlByWeb products are stand-alone, independent devices. There are no monthly fees, and no additional software to install.

Use our free, CBW-Mobile app to monitor and control any ControlByWeb device(s) on one central control panel.

BEST PRODUCTS for Server Auto & Remote Reboot


WebSwitch Plus | Remote Power Switch & Auto Reboot Device (Rack Mount)

Automatic and remote reboot of AC plug-in devices such as servers, routers, modems, etc. Real-time temperature monitoring, logs events, sends email/text alerts, and more.

2 A/C Outlets

Examples: Server power control, and automatic reboot

2 Digital Inputs

Examples: Server output alarm status, UPS output alarm status, server room security monitoring

1-3 Temperature/Humidity Sensors

Examples: Ambient temperature, server rack temperature

Special Features

Remote and automatic reboot for server – Temperature and security logging – Email and text alerts for temperature, security door status

WebRelay Single and Input Module

WebRelay | Single Relay & Input Module

Basic auto and remote reboot for wired-in devices, DC reboot, or remote reboot by overriding a power switch. Does not have logging or temp/humidity features.

1 Relay

Examples: Control power of wired-in servers & small, D/C powered servers

1 Digital Input

Examples: Security door status monitoring

Special Features

Remote and automatic server reboot

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